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Sad Sounds From The Food Door

----For Jennifer Garcia

sad Russian music sounds from
the throat of the accordion
metal buckled
gave way with a sad sound

a dog brings hyphened food
sad-toned scent of goodbye
which death's door
happily changed
listen for sad trumpet sound
alcohols to snap you

the mountain again never opened
door sounds unbearable
sad town no children
a dry sound kept on
with no food

Lana didn't sound sad
down countless flights of villages
or dejected tabby cat
under hedges
hung herself with shoelaces
from a special sound
her belly was empty

octopus composed organic remains
makes gnarly didgeridoo sound
a sad land of veggie women
the fourth-graders alone
700 American women
their shift at the coal mine
and the sound of rumbling

another vestige
frames jump out
or our family broken up
on the phone
Otter spoke to her
with armored-vehicles
any light of continuous action
she refused utter sound
my neighbors were families
riots of sound
as I climbed higher
babies televisions frying food

sounds console against you
a throng of bearded men
in sad colored
sound or stirring in the air
threat in the sound
lock some trees/wood
folks bolted to bolt & sleep

hymns to whisper sad
Deb to the caboose
maybe mistaking woodpecker & bluejay
does sound autumnal with sad
will cash magic monikers
because Dorcas has died
White City with grass roofs
tall & sad smirks
echoed & sweet

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  1. This sounds pretty.

    I would like to hear you read it.