big time cat fancier




Seepage: how we know a clear "face to face" purity in terms of doors, grown men in hats to fight off pure leverage and games.

Faucet (1967): in the year of all waters time becomes a broken horse laying track.

(Man crosses over forehand and hands [you] a glass of pure ice)

Comunero: only by birth may we chop up the land.

(Cut to 1943, pit moss hangs over [clearly] dead [flesh])

(Fee Simple enters stage through a hole in time in the woman's bathroom in Newark)

Fee Simple: shaping clay, one old woman speaks Spanish coughs through limber holes in her dappled articulations.

Faucet (1994): a mountain over teaching and computers running up dirt roads can also be called The Hustle.

Spoken: are leaves of rice parting communities?

Sowing Corn (note the armadillo shell used to hold seeds)

Songs: we learned us in the exile of wheat and cracked red land.

Seepage: in corn we have the fullest hands in a breakdown.

Comunero: often it is brick between freezing and San Diego.

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