big time cat fancier


Like Gamma-Ray Guns You Can't See In The Forest

---For T.B.

Is murdering Suzanne
like a ray gun bringing the moon
in step with Ted the
glass blower, genocidal
killer of small trees.

A small glass of bees and
ugly Pluto aligned with cute Pluto
will bring trees into a tavern
and we wish you to step with us
in a ceremony.

Cussing out trees, horny Pluto
slips ugly Ted and his ray gun
beneath a stand of bees
where a ceremony kisses
a glass Suzanne.

Then a cuss tree broke Pluto
into edible squares that the
bees took as a warning or
ray gun to smother taverns
full of drunk genocidal
train cars.

Where did Ted break bees
into pieces of hell, held in an
open tree under Pluto's
ceremonial cuteness, which
can smell like a train of Teds.

Ray gun knelt under red
Suzanne heat as violin strings
hummed cute tavern drunks
to a place where warm squares of light
are genocidal or just edible bees.


  1. okay your outpouring of poetry is daunting. don't you have schoolwork to do? do you ever sleep? i would be honored to have one written for me as per your project. "we cobbled erroneous fossils from from sedentary fences"

  2. So I was going to say "we wish you to step with us in a ceremony" was my favorite line but then I kept reading. This is awesome.