big time cat fancier


We Cobbled Erroneous Fossils From From Sedentary Fences

---For Ryland

as well as in smaller sandstone pebbles and cobbles
like a pale buff shades the daggers in the Potomac
or mysteries wrapped foreshore, low tide, and foil
a ranger kisses the sand castle city
while our child moves water in the shape of an agate

we could be petrified wood cell structures
and diamond saws, making thin crabs discard human corpses
how our little pig hands made mud balls out of fossils
only there are no star cobbles or pudgy bulk units

4.5 million years ago a condom affected veterinary practices
so the overweight herd caressed my knee and bulge
plus it can be a fun exercises used as an antidote
for a culture interested in fencing

ewww no milk for hot man in a beard chasing 3 month old lions


  1. holy crap! your brain is like a poetry computer. That is fantastic. I especially like "we could be petrified wood cell structures." i feel like that sometimes.

  2. i'm glad you liked it. when will i ever see you again?

    i haven't seen you since i've been back.

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