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On the Baptism of My Daughter Consuela, June 14, 1833

---A "STRONG" poem For K. Silem Mohammad

Rasputin had a universal name for hotels
by a shiny mountain stream
he ruined a dream of mine
where I smoked two cigarettes in Manhattan
I played two characters
Mutiny, Consuela, & Sam Shepard
we smashed peanuts on lampposts
the baby Gap smashes my toys to hell
my girlfriend swung a violin into bus light
we were drunk and somber

the baby name wizard Rasputin
shined a marshmallow near our family
he could munch jazz
'C' magic where worlds shit Azaleas
thanks for asking
Germany is where drinking magic
comes off building a tide towards the turn
as if nuns could break a coma

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock
i am wearing my pwetty ballet clothes

she talks to my naked soul and blurs
not that I can limp across a pig
or I am lonely in a bitter wizard way
"trouble follows trouble"
and the mini-mart closes
florescent morphing
like a parrot in the rain

Magic 8-Ball
do you merge your hammock with a tendril
can the ridge plow our fingers into hair
I've seen the missing pylons of snow
god works the dickiest

curly prick with a chin-strap
go to bed