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Water Doesn't Give a Damn

Time Will Break The World

The sun and the shutters and the sun shattered hair.
The butler hesitates at the top of the stairs.
A kitten from Great Britain sleeps behind the drapes.
An old silver bowl filled with apples and grapes.

It's so very cold in the mansion after sunset
Snow is blowing through the baseboard outlets.
And I have no idea what drives you mister.
tanning beds explode with rich women inside.

All my poor hungry children x3
Time will break the world x3

The snow falls down so beautiful and stupid
Fore the black silhouette of Abraham Lincoln trees
The sky is low and gray like a Japanese table.
And my horse's legs look like four brown shotguns

The icicles are dripping like the whole house is weeping
On an evil little car with gull-wing doors.
And I have no idea what drives you mister
But I've killed you in my mind so many times before.

All my poor hungry children x3
Time will break the world x3

You cut to the core of me David Berman.

Bright Flight
might be my favorite album by The Silver Jews. I think this is the first singer I ever thought combined poetry and music properly. I never thought Bob Dylan was poet (don't shoot me). He always seemed like a really good short story writer. But I guess when you get deeper into his catalog, like Another Side Of Bob Dylan, you see he's got poetic tendencies, but... meh. I mean, I really like the guy, but Berman does it for me.

I feel like the line, "The snow falls down so beautiful and stupid" is what all my poetry is based around. I can't exactly say why. It just feels right. I feel like he address nature in a way that is appropriate to "our" generation. Honestly, nature is fucking pretty and it affects us. But the last thing we need in poetry/music romanticizing anything other than pure language. I believe in lush linguistic landscapes. I believe in crooked, velvet nouns and hot, lightning pure verbs.

Fuck trees.

I want poetry that is a spittoon for your meaning.

Being analytical is overrated.

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