big time cat fancier


Cowboys Sink Teeth Into Giants, Who Show Signs of Vulnerability

---For Nada G.

light sounds off to hail the air conditioner
Almaty teeth, giant snakes, and Indiana Freeman
wolves too drunk in the belly of a shark
fossils of dinosaur boners coming to life in a museum
this is also how my parents were married
they join lips and hurry to destroy me

a 24-inch gummi bear fucking up my gums
the process of teeth decay
all destroying me

Space Maurice:
Emperor Teeth is a huge bird with a 5-feet wingspan which covers what is now London, Essex and Kent.
His bony ‘pseudo-teeth’ which help him to catch and hold slippery fish or squid eyes and noses, create a false air hole where he keeps his wife: a devil-fish with no arms and eleven eyes.
She is the goddess of good fences and hammers dropping.
She is out to destroy me.


  1. I like this.

    Have you ever considered swapping lives with me?

    We can do it - together.

  2. ok. I'll meet you halfway.