big time cat fancier


Dear Sorrowful Lungs

---For Me


Our carved mess of hair and deaf tangles are wearing out of us
are making a very clean mess of my veins
and now they say graying
I'm not very
little hands filled with muddy soup
abortion of forts / clods of feeling shitty

You tasted some kind of broken metal
and you knew of it and broke with it
and am now used as frame
If I could a way of it / get out and play a woodwind
or watch something spin till I sleep
Did you see the snow make a cross


Please hear me lords of warm guts
I am straining and sitting again
I am not the place where dust greets pale teeth
I am the depression of your back / of my back
I wish happy out loud

Did you know birds kiss in anger now

I will borrow the name Louis
and buy violins and textiles
punch along the range of streets
find a square and be done with it
turn to you to be sorry and vile


I am prepared not to be
and not and not be to you
the thing prepared also to be
to a one also prepared doubly
but pushed a needle or light
left in you and not of us
the numbers can be but often move
like people without sound and color
but are and not and turned off / if not at all
to be fair or putrid or haunted
and a kind / a piece not sleeping at all


How did the clubs, tubas, matches
find this cabin filled with water
not like a lung or not being a carafe
as if nothing could be that
but we are that kind of calming motion
the volumes between two orange stars

Owls can say, no people die now
but nature is full of terrible orchestras
and Chinese ballet stars
but in this moment I am piece of dirt
lodged in the nail of a violinist
He could be beautiful to me

Heatmiser - [Hidden Track] Half Right
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  1. My goodness, I like this quite a bit.

  2. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  3. xtx,

    glasses, polka, violins, beers, alcohol, and neil young